Our team has developed progressive cultivation practices and mastered the art of growing premium cannabis in both indoor and greenhouse environments.

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Understanding genetics for the Asian climate.

The Asian Markets present a unique challenge due to the long, consistent photoperiods as a result of the proximity to the equator. Crops tend to flower quickly, before they have had a chance to adequately grow in their vegetative stage. This results in a low yield and poor quality product. Our genetics aim to solve this issue.

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A track record of success in cannabis cultivation

Cultivating since the early 2000s, our team has been at the forefront of the cannabis industry. We have refined our operating procedures to ensure that each crop is consistent, of the highest quality, and produces maximum yields.

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Become a partner with 3rd Party Biomass Wholesale

Through Bakruna’s processing and retail relationships, our farming partners will have an avenue to sell their crops. This allows farmers to focus on cultivation while we do the heavy lifting on the sales side.

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Feel secure with our cannabis expertise

Our team has nearly 30 years of combined experience in cultivation, facility design, and genetics development which saves our clients time and money. Benefiting from our experience, Barkuna’s consulting clients can expect to be ahead of the learning curve, giving them a competitive advantage.

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Connect with our team, learn more about our extensive industry knowledge in business support, vision execution and emerging cannabis markets.

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