We help cannabis businesses reach clinics for medical purposes.

Through our farming partners, Barkuna will manage the sale of biomass to processors and take a margin in the process. This is in exchange for our consulting services and will serve as a model for future relationships.


Easily accessible trained Cannabis professionals.

It is important that our trained and qualified medical professionals are easily accessible to patients. Our team is well rounded to oversee both operations and development of our clinics as well as telemedical treatment.

A guide through the cannabis retail industry.

Margot Micallef QC is the CEO of GABY Inc, a California based cannabis retail operator and consolidator. She also holds the master franchise rights for Subway Restaurants in Western Canada, overseeing the operations and development of approximately 840 Subway locations. Prior to Subway, Micallef owned the master franchise rights for a number of other retail brands including Dominos Pizza Canada.

Margot’s experience in both cannabis and retail development will help guide us in developing our clinics in the most opportune locations.


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