How can Barkuna help with your cannabis business?

Barkuna’s experience in the cannabis space is in high demand. We have entered into a number of consulting arrangements in exchange for a combination of equity, royalty, and monthly retainer. We offer our clients a number of tailored packages to meet their needs.

In order to access our genetics, our clients must retain our services as consultants. Clients pay Barkuna an upfront fee to build out their facility as well as an ongoing monthly retainer and a royalty fee for the use of our genetics.

Through this, Barkuna implements quality control checks to ensure the product being grown is high quality and thus represents our brand well.


For over two decades, our team has been researching cannabis processing, cultivation, genetics, derivatives, consumer products and their application.

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Cannabis cultivation & processing research

On the cultivation and genetics side we have identified optimal processes and strains that flourish in various climates.

A large market gap exists in the knowledge of cannabis and hemp extraction and refinement technologies, processes, and regulations. Our team identified this and strategically invested time, capital, and resources into genetic research and development for medical and recreational commercial cultivation.

Research for cannabis consumer & medical applications

We continue working and engaging with our advisors and associates on researching consumer packaged goods and applications of cannabis. There is a lot to be learned and uncovered as cannabis is still in its infancy from a research and development standpoint. Our team has demonstrated its ability to conduct research and commercialize the results.


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