Damian Michalski

Damian Michalski is an expert in Cannabis cultivation with 10+ years of experience in the field. As a UBC graduate with eyes set on law school, his career ambitions took a radical shift when he was presented with an opportunity to become a designated grower in the Canadian medicinal market under the MMAR regulations. Having the foresight to see the eventual trend towards legalization, Damian saw this as an opening to develop his skills and knowledge in an industry that was becoming a global phenomenon. From 2012-2021, Damian dedicated his life to learning the craft, mastering a variety of plant techniques and growing strategies whilst also helping design and build facilities for maximum efficiency.

In early 2021, Damian decided to transition into the recreational market and found employment with BZAM Cannabis. From there, he quickly became a rising star and was a critical part of the cultivation department’s success, training new and old staff across the company’s various facilities. During that time, he was instrumental to BZAM’s ascension to one of the fastest growing Cannabis producers in Canada, ranking in the top 10 in market share.

Outside of work, Damian is a dedicated family man and strongly believes in the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise.

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