Rob Bruun

Rob Bruun

Rob Bruun has been cultivating cannabis since 1993. He specializes in plant genotypes, phenotype hunting, breeding and germination. His extensive background has allowed him to educate and be a key leader in the industry. Rob believes in the spiritual and healing properties of cannabis as well as the science behind the plant.

During 2000-2007, Rob travelled internationally to assist with growing and building facilities in Holland, America, and Canada. In 2007 he was recruited to educate on the medicinal aspects of cannabis in Japan and quickly rose to the top of his field. He became the Director of Cultivation and Research & Development at one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Asia, focusing primarily on the effects on CNS. He has mentored hundreds of people with advanced techniques over the years spent abroad.

Rob moved back to Canada in 2019, and started focusing his career on the recreational side of the industry. He rebuilt the cultivation team at BZAM Cannabis and assisted at all their sites. After 2 years, BZAM became one of the top cannabis companies in Canada. His in depth knowledge of plant morphology, biology and cannabinoids coupled with his strong leadership propelled and helped shape the company.

He continues to further his education and share his wealth of knowledge with other like-minded individuals. For Rob, his passion for cannabis doesn’t stop after the work day is over. He is and always will be a dedicated “cannaoisseur”

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