Ryan Crooks

Ryan Crooks is a leading cannabis industry professional who gained his experience cultivating cannabis under the MMAR regulations and policies from 2002-2015. During this time, he developed progressive cultivation practices and mastered the art of growing premium cannabis in both indoor and greenhouse environments. His knowledge and understanding of the industry was further solidified in 2013 when Ryan co-founded Bloom Cultivation Ltd. (Ogen), the first Licensed Producer in Calgary, AB, Canada. With this progression, Ryan developed expertise in facility design and management.

From 2013 onward, Ryan strategically invested his time into genetic research and development for medical and recreational commercial cultivation. His understanding of breeding and phenotyping gave Ryan the ability to tailor genetics according to the environment and demographic. Ryan is also the co-founder of Chilly Bean Cannabis Co Inc., a cultivation company that specializes in premium genetics. Ryans continual dedication and passion for the Cannabis sector has allowed him to solidify his mark within the industry.

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