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Vertical integration from cultivation to clinics

A tailored approach to vertical cannabis integration.

Cultivation & Processing

Nearly 30 years of combined experience with environmentally tailored, progressive cannabis cultivation. More than 20 combined years in Cannabis and Hemp processing.


Vast experience in the research and development of cannabis genetics, cultivation processes, and consumer packaged goods since the early 2000s.


Our team has been involved on the clinical side of medicinal cannabis in Canada since 1999 and in non-cannabis retail operations since the mid 2000s.

Merchant Banking

Over 20 years and more than $100MM in capital raised. Our specialty is building teams that identify and execute on opportunities.

We ensure businesses meet the changing needs of the industry

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By 2026, the global cannabis market is forecasted to reach US$90.4 billion.

Overall Market

The worldwide cannabis market is currently valued at ~US$20.5 billion, a 28% CAGR is forecasted by 2026.


More than 41% of CBD users have stopped using traditional medication and exclusively use CBD.2 By 2024, the medical market is expected to be worth ~$44.4 billion.

Consumer Goods

By 2025, the CBD beverage market is forecasted to reach ~$1.7 billion, with the CBD edible market not far behind at ~$950 million.


By 2026, the global CBD skincare market is forecasted to be US$3.48 billion, a 32.9% CAGR from 2019.5 Consumers have increasing awareness of the healing properties of CBD.

Industrial Hemp

Globally, the industrial hemp market is forecasted to grow to ~$27 billion in 2025, up from ~$5 billion in 2019.6 Textiles account for ~20% of the industrial hemp market.

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